I have been fostering cats and kittens for about 3 years now. Kittens are like premature babies, extremely fragile and very sensitive to the elements.

Benz was on my care for a week, she came in very malnourished and weak. Without a few am days she started gaining weight, and be more alert. Only to have a full turn around soon after.

Benz relaxing after brushing.

Benz went from a kitten starting to do well, to crashing. She was rushed to a hospital in Queens for fluids and glucose. Since she require further care, she had to be admitted and I drove her to Long Island Emergency Specialists.

She is so precious. I really hope that she will get better. she deserves all the care we can give her.

Benz with a catheter after receiving IV fluids.

Please consider supporting her care and donate to Puppykittynyc.

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