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Preserving the unknown

One cannot miss what one does not know exists.  A book by Michelle Nijhuis, Beloved Beasts, Fighting for Life in the Age of Extinction, presents several classic examples of animal species severely affected by human activities. Michelle describes animals which became symbols of conservation. Many such species are still with us, while some can onlyContinue reading “Preserving the unknown”

Insect pain.

As a child I remember looking at the sticky yellow tapes handing in people’s houses. Fly traps. Countless flies died on that yellow piece of tape, trying to escape in vain. Back in the 1990s, an upgraded version of a fly trap displayed in countless stores was an electric fly trap, with neon purple long,Continue reading “Insect pain.”

Full Moon in the sky

Look up and you will see the full Moon. Today, is one of the few days where all of the Moon’s mountains and craters are exposed, at least on the side of the Moon visible from the Earth. We cannot see the dark side of the Moon, maybe we can leave that to the astronautsContinue reading “Full Moon in the sky”

Not so fishy business.

The cognitive abilities of fish seem to be very underestimated. We often do not see fish in the same light as we see other mammals, or birds. This strange outlook has always puzzled me.  Maybe part of the story is that the life of fish is very elusive to us. Most people do not diveContinue reading “Not so fishy business.”


I have been fostering cats and kittens for about 3 years now. Kittens are like premature babies, extremely fragile and very sensitive to the elements. Benz was on my care for a week, she came in very malnourished and weak. Without a few am days she started gaining weight, and be more alert. Only toContinue reading “Fragility”

Speed of life.

I picked Nature Fast and Nature Slow, How Life Works from Fractions of a Second to Billions of Years by Nicholas P. Money out of pocket curiosity. How do you write a book about the speed of Nature with range from fraction of a millisecond to billions of years? By no means one can beContinue reading “Speed of life.”


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