The visible Moon

I look out of the window and there is was. The Moon.

The Moon is estimated to be 4.51 billion years old, not much younger than the Solar System. The side of the Moon visible from the Earth is speckled with craters, a reminder of ancient asteroids and the power of the cosmos. Considering that the Moon on average is located 238,855 km from the Earth, the craters remind us that the such events are not a rarity for the Solar System.

The phases of the Moon have been used for centuries to measure the passage of time. Many cultures still use lunar calendars. Examples include, Middle Eastern Hijri calendar, Chinese lunisolar calendar, Nigerian Yoruba lunar calendar, and many others.

Not until XX century, the Moon became an attainable destination, at least to a select few. Neil Armstrong, was the first human to walk the Moon. The Mare Tranquillitatis, or the sea of tranquility, recorded his footsteps on 21 July 1969. In total, 12 astronauts walked the Moon, all men. I would not prioritize those statistics, considering the current state of affairs, however representation does matter. Little girls should dream to be astronauts too.

From ancient to modern literature, the Moon remains a central theme. One of the more famous uses of the Moon can be found in Dracula by Bram Stoker, where the vampires awaken during the full Moon. The Moon is also used to represent love, as shown by the famous quote from Rome and Juliet, “Do not swear by the moon, for she changes constantly, then your love would also change. The symbolism of the Moon is broad and central in literature, it defines many characters and situations. Even the Hollywood picked up the idea, and would use the full Moon to either set up a romantic gateway for a couple, or a cringing, fear evoking horror scene of people running from danger.

The Moon was an inspiration for many musicians. Many songs and albums feature its name, including icons such as, Frank Sinatra, Bill Holiday, Neil Young, Elvis Presley, Billie Holiday, Pink Floyd, or more contemporary artist Bruno Mars or Ariana Grande. We all likely can find many memories of the Moon in music. The song by Savage Garden, To The Moon and Back, will forever remind me of my sisters and the 1990s.

Let the Moon take your imagination and become an inspiration.

The Moon.

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