Succulent project

On a rainy Saturday, I decided to try something new. My fish were upgraded to a larger tank months ago, and this was my emergency tank taking the space behind the couch. It had no purpose.

I tried to follow tutorials on how to set it up, and I’m sure I made many rookie mistakes. Since I had no mesh to separate the stones form the earth, I repurposed an old petticoat I wore to a themed graduation party years ago. I added some activated charcoal, one advantage of having a fish tank and extra filters, succulent soil, some pebbles and voilà!

I got Haworthia, Echeveria, Gasteria, and other succulents I don’t know the names of.

I think my parents inspired me with all of their gardening. I felt compelled to participate as well. Sadly, I don’t own a garden, so terrarium had to do.

I have a small fascination with succulents and cacti. They have their own rules. I’m on a small mission to learn more about their needs. Major advantage, cats don’t care much about them, so I don’t have to worry they will be tasted or robbed of their leaves. Still, they have been secured with a top cover, as I know plants related to aloe can be toxic to felines.


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