Before and after

Two weeks after a successful relocation to the lab, my tree looks alive again. No magic involved, only some felines couldn’t get enough of its bright new leaves.

I think cats behave like goats. Once in a while, they nibble on anything green. Thus, it’s imperative to keep only cat safe plants, even if your cat has never eaten any plants before.

All cat owners should say goodbye to lilies, azaleas, rhododendrons, dumb cane, and many others. However, special attention should be paid to lilies, as their pollen alone can kill your cat. Surprisingly, for animals that nibble so much on green plants, they can be poisoned by most house plants.

Fortunately there are options. Roses without thorns, orchids, many succulents, and several other beautiful plants.

I can only speculate to the reason why so many plants can kill my cats. This could be an evolutionary remnant, as cats evolved on the desert. Or plants evolved to protect themselves from being eaten by producing poisons. I’m sure somebody has answered that already.


My bonsai tree continues to impress. Leaves continue to multiply.


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