Hawks in the Bronx

Couple of years ago, I was walking to work on a sunny morning day. The busy streets of the Bronx filled my ears with the sounds of accelerating cars, rushing pedestrians, and elevated subway passing overhead. Typical morning commute commotion. Out of nowhere, with a lighting speed, a big raptor fell from the sky. InContinue reading “Hawks in the Bronx”

Preserving the unknown

One cannot miss what one does not know exists.  A book by Michelle Nijhuis, Beloved Beasts, Fighting for Life in the Age of Extinction, presents several classic examples of animal species severely affected by human activities. Michelle describes animals which became symbols of conservation. Many such species are still with us, while some can onlyContinue reading “Preserving the unknown”

Not so fishy business.

The cognitive abilities of fish seem to be very underestimated. We often do not see fish in the same light as we see other mammals, or birds. This strange outlook has always puzzled me.  Maybe part of the story is that the life of fish is very elusive to us. Most people do not diveContinue reading “Not so fishy business.”

The Queens of Carbon lives on.

In College, I wanted to be a Chemist, more precisely an Organic Chemist. I was fascinated by the abilities of Carbon to generate different forms and shapes. Versatility of this simple element was the basis of our existence. Carbon was life.  As early as elementary school, I learned that diamond is one of the hardestContinue reading “The Queens of Carbon lives on.”

Not all sleep is restful

Sleep disruption is a plague of the modern society. In the world full of cell phones, social media, and gadgets constantly sending reminders, we are continuously distracted. We can learn how to limit our dependence of sleep disruptors, but all of us who own a smartphone experienced their addictive nature. We justify it quite easily,Continue reading “Not all sleep is restful”